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Houston Leadership Impact Forum

  • Thursday, June 11, 2015
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
  • EurAsia Fusion Sushi, 1330 Wirt Rd. Suite B, Houston, TX 77055


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Leadership Impact Forum
Leaders Impacting Communities
& Impacting Lives

June Round Table
Your Goals, Challenges, & Resources

Expanding Your Visions as Leaders 
to Impact Lives! 

Join Us for an Inspiring Event!
  • Connect with women movers & shakers
  • Expand your leadership to make a bigger impact
  • Share ideas & info to make a difference
  • Learn key insights & ideas for your business or project

Round Table Moderators
 Pam Terry
Denika Carothers 

NOWW Strategies, 
NOWW TV & NOWW News, Speaker Coach & Marketing Strategist, Author, 
President, PWIC Houston

Conflict Mediation, Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Author
Live with PurposeCoaching
VP of Membership,
PWIC Houston

Mistress of Ceremony

Jill Parker
Vice President, PWIC Houston

 The Leadership Impact Forum will inspire you with your projects that can make a difference in the community and the world... !

Thursday, June 11, 2015
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

EurAsia Fusion Sushi
1330 Wirt Rd. Suite B
Houston, TX 77055

About Our Moderators & MC 
Pam Terry
Round Table Moderator
NOWW TV and NOWW News is a humanitarian project of Pam's. NOWW stands for Network Of What's Working and is based on the principle of "whatever you focus on, your life becomes that - so let's focus on what's working and expand it everywhere!!"  Her project combines things that she loves - adventure, film and television, the Internet, communication, and making a difference. 

Pam is CEO and Founder of NOWW Strategies, a consulting and coaching firm that helps public speakers market themselves.  Pam is a savvy business and marketing strategist with more than 30 years’ experience in public speaking, marketing, public relations, sales, and operations.  Author of the forthcoming book, “The In-Demand Speaker,” and the 2013 Ebook, “How to Easily Develop a Presentation,” Pam has helped hundreds of people become in-demand speakers. She works with entrepreneurs and corporate teams, teaching them how to connect and engage from the stage and how to market themselves as a speaker and build business from speaking.   A frequent keynote speaker, Pam is a community leader and former executive director and president of the Galleria Chamber of Commerce.

Pam's expertise includes online marketing and branding.  Pam started raising money for non-profits when she was in high school and has extensive experience with fundraising for several non-profits including the American Organ Transplant Association, the Galleria Chamber of Commerce, and others.  She is currently the President of the PWIC Houston Connection and Chief Operating Officer for PWIC worldwide.

To learn more, visit:

Round Table Moderator
Denika Carothers, a Life Consultant, Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Author by profession, is a lover of life and a lover of people.

She is passionate about love and truth (which is the foundation of her message), and, in her 20 year career, has been able to see many transformed, empowered, and enlightened through what she says is her “calling.” As a Life Consultant, Denika coaches you in your life and through your life and everything she does is built on a Spiritual foundation. She says that she is the bridge between your questions and the answers and helps you to neutralize the negativity in your life by exposing the source of the barriers that limit you from living and achieving your greatest life.

Denika presents an inspirational and life changing perspective in her coaching and counseling which she arrived at by conquering her own life challenges. She offers a transformational view of how to 'GROW' through it all. Her evolved perception of how we experience the world and the options we choose to collapse on in each moment, invites listeners to become ever present, aware, conscious, and accountable for every experience they encounter as well as the power that each of us possesses to co-create all that we wish to experience.

Denika sits from the seat of compassion, love and the Highest Truth as she challenges each of us to BE the change we want to see in the world.

To learn more, visit

Jill Davis
Mistress of Ceremony

Jill Davis is an entrepreneur whose passion is helping Moms become financially independent while raising their family.  Jill has been enhancing lives physically and financially since 2001. 

Previously, Jill worked in Corporate America for 13 years as an Electrical Engineer. In 2000, Jill had the opportunity to take a buyout, leave Corporate America, and fulfill her dream of becoming a “stay at home mom.”  Jill loved being there for her daughter and husband, but she also wanted a way to contribute to her family financially yet still have the flexibility for them. 

Fortunately, Jill was introduced to an International Wellness Company, Melaleuca in 2001. Jill quickly fell in love with the wonderful eco-friendly products that allowed her to create a healthier and safer home for her family. Shortly thereafter, Jill saw the potential to contribute to her family’s bottom line by building a business with Melaleuca. 

Jill became her own boss and within 3 years, she was able to bring her husband home from his job as an Electrical Engineer. Now her daughter had a “stay at home dad” to go along with the “stay at home mom.”  Over the last 13 years, we have enjoyed helping other families achieve their physical and financial wellness goals. Let the next family be yours!

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