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Houston Leadership Impact Forum

  • Thursday, August 13, 2015
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
  • Mr. Peeples, 1911 Bagby, Houston, Texas 77002


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Leadership Impact Forum
Leaders Impacting Communities
& Impacting Lives

Crowdfunding Panel
Pam Terry 
NOWW Media
Ellie Shapiro 
Fund Dreamer
Aggie Kobrin
CEC Global Events

Join Us for this Informative Event!
  • Learn about crowdfunding for your projects
  • Connect with women movers & shakers
  • Expand your leadership and impact
  • Share ideas & info to make a difference

 The Leadership Impact Forum will inspire you to create or expand your legacy to impact communities that make a difference in the world... !

PWI  Connections is about:
  • Being authentic
  • Being yourself
  • What you are dealing with
  • What you want to do to impact others' lives
  • And how you're going to make a difference in the community
Join us for a project collaboration environment where our intention is to impact communities to make positive changes in the world.

Our Leadership Impact Forums are a place to learn, ask questions, be inspired, collaborate, provide support, and focus on the bigger picture of who you are and what you are here to do.

Panelist Aggie Kobrin is an Event Management Specialist, Networking Expert, Entrepreneur, Media Distribution Authority, CrowdFunding Expert & Guru,  and one of the top 10 women in CrowdFunding.  As a leader in crowd funding, Aggie provides valuable information on how to launch a successful crowd funding project or event.  She has also built several successful event planning and media distribution companies.  Aggie was the creative force behind several independent films and has an extensive global network and a sphere of influence that includes the giants of the speaking community.  She was an enterprising managing director of the highly successful eWomenNetwork, and is a contributing author and a regular media personality.  Aggie now heads up Crowd Funding LIVE where you can join to discover how to crowd fund successfully. In addition, with over 10 years in the conference and events industry, Aggie is Director of CEC Global Events where her clients and network range from Fortune 500 companies, women's organizations to non-profits and many associations. Her events range from dozens to many thousands of participants in many countries.  CEC is a global company with emphasis in the USA.   More details at and

Panelist Ellie Shapiro is the founder of Fund Dreamer, a crowd funding non-profit based in Los Angeles that focuses on empowering women and diversity groups to turn their dreams into reality.  Fund Dreamer is a free crowdfunding platform for campaign creators.  Contributors pay the standard credit card processing and the platform operating fees.   With Fund Dreamer, you can fund anything from a business idea to a personal cause or a non-profit organization.  With personalized coaching and next generation social media amplification tools, Fund Dreamer maximizes the campaign fund raising goals and has one of the highest campaign success ratios.  Fund Dreamer is a social enterprise that donates 10% of the net proceeds to Women and Diversity in Tech causes.  For more info about Fund Dreamer, go to and the Fund Dreamer Market at  Recently, Fund Dreamer was featured in Forbes magazine at

Panel Moderator Pam Terry is CEO and Founder of NOWW Media, a newly forming film and radio production firm that began by offering consulting and coaching to public speakers.  A savvy business and marketing strategist with more than 30 years’ experience in public speaking, marketing, public relations, sales, and operations, Pam is the author of the forthcoming book, “The In-Demand Speaker,” and the 2013 Ebook, “How to Easily Develop a Presentation,” Pam has helped hundreds of people become in-demand speakers. She works with entrepreneurs and corporate teams, teaching them how to connect and engage from the stage and how to market themselves as a speaker and build business from speaking.   A frequent keynote speaker, Pam is a community leader and former executive director and president of the Galleria Chamber of Commerce.

The formation and expansion of NOWW Media into film and radio production focuses on humanitarian issues that are actually working in the world.  Programs will focus on areas where progress is being made such as reducing recidivism, homelessness, poverty, and youth at risk to name a few.   Other areas include "conscious capitalism" where people and the planet are primary considerations.   

Pam is currently the President of PWI Connections in Houston and Chief Operating Officer for PWIC worldwide.  To learn more, visit:

    Thursday, August 13, 2015
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm

    Mr. Peeples Restaurant
    1911 Bagby
    Houston, TX 77002
    $30 for PWIC Team & Legacy Members
    $35 for PWIC Members
    $40 for Guests

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    POWERFUL WOMEN INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS (PWIC) envisions women as catalysts for positive change in the world, who are women taking on greater leadership roles, and causing a peaceful, harmonious world for our children's future.  Our mission is to connect, collaborate with, and educate women leaders to use their innate gifts and talents to transform and make a bigger impact in undeserved communities causing positive changes throughout the world. Our highest values are authenticity, life balance, compassion, and courage.

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