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PWI POWER Coaching Teleclass - "Manifest your Purpose through Productivity"

  • Monday, June 24, 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)
  • Teleclass - 5PM Pacific | 7PM Central | 8PM Eastern


  • Class will be recorded.

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Monday June 24, 2013

5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern 

"Manifest your Purpose through Productivity
with Dr. Monique Y. Wells
The Paris Muse of Time Management™

Monique will share:

How productive are you in your business and in other areas of your life?

Productivity = knowing what matters and getting it done.

    "Knowing what matters" requires:

    - self-knowledge
    - clarity of vision
    "Getting it done" requires:

    - self-worth
    - self-confidence
    - making decisions
    - taking action

    To raise your awareness and to determine how productive you are, take a few minutes to answer the following questions:
When was the last time you thought about your vision and goals?
How much of what you do every day is moving you toward that vision and those goals?

What can you do to improve the alignment between the two?

About Monique
Monique is a 21-year resident of Paris, France. Known as the Paris Muse of Time Management™, she is committed to helping passionate, high-achieving solopreneurs and small business owners "get over overwhelm" so that they can find peace through productivity. Her clients can expect to enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and more time to spend with family and friends – guilt-free – as they build successful businesses.  Monique blogs about productivity for the Huffington Post and she is currently conducting a series of interviews with 6-figure and 7-figure solopreneurs about the evolution of productivity in their businesses from start-up to where they are today.
If you are:

- unclear about "what matters" in your business or in some other area of your life

- having difficulty in getting the things done that will allow you to achieve "what matters"

- unhappy with your answers to the questions above

Then take action now:
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  Teleclass will be recorded.

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