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Being UNSTOPPABLE Innate Gift Program!

  • Thursday, July 25, 2013
  • 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
  • East Bay-91 Lafayette Circle, Lafayette 94549 (2 Blocks from BART)


  • Regular Price $425
  • 10 Coaching Session Plus Assignments + Full Day "Become Unstoppable" Event.

Registration is closed

Powerful Women International PWI
Purpose ~ Power ~ Possibilities

"Empowering Women to Empower the World"

"Discover Your Innate Gifts to be  Powerful! PLUS Breakthrough with Money!"



Become Unstoppable


Discover & deepen  your innate gifts to take a leap and break through barriers to YOUR next level?


Valeri Bocage

Chairwoman and Founder of Powerful  Women International

& Lynell Payne Successful Business Owner!

Thursday,  July 25



Only $100 for members!  Program included with new membership  $425 Non-members

$75 for reviewers!



 Regular $425 full day event


To take advantage of this special offer,
Email us at



  • Get total clarity on what you want and action steps to do it
  • Clearly discover your innate gifts and keys secrets to put them in action
  • Get ongoing tools to become UNSTOPPABLE
  • PLUS! Breakthrough how to see and handle money!! 

What Others Have Said:

“Valeri coached me and my entire world changed.  I went from trying to make ends meet and struggling to having my business thrive and getting better clients that pay me what I want. I am more creative and have become unstoppable to getting what I want in life.”
~Waihuar Lau, San Francisco, CA

“I was afraid to speak in front of an audience before.  After coaching with Valeri I became fearless and can not only speak to audiences, I can also do other things I was afraid to do.” ~ Nancy Seigal, Louisville, KY

“I wanted to charge more for my clients; however, I kept having the same clientele and struggling.  After one session with Valeri, I got clear of what was holding me back.  I went from struggling to making $100 or $200 per client to making $10,000.  I am now charging $20,000."  
~ Stephanie Fiallo, Manhattan, NY

“I was depressed and had given up on life with no sense of direction.  After one day with Valeri, I figured out how to get an office, stationery, business cards and started my own media consulting office with government officials.  I am so happy with my life and face challenges much easier.” ~ Grace Muiruri, Nairobi, Kenya

What to Expect:

  • Clarify and define your purpose
  • Break through barriers that have previously held you back
  • Learn to be powerful and graceful in the face of any circumstance 
  • Master your strengths and weaknesses
  • Empower Your money conversations and break barriers with money! 

About Valeri

Dream Expert – Making Dreams Come True

Valeri is the founder of Powerful Women International and has been assisting people in living their dreams for over 20 years. She has inspired hundreds of people to fulfill on their life's mission. She has coached authors, entrepreneurs, parents, families, public speakers and artists to expand their vision for what is possible in their professional and personal lives globally.  She has been recognized by the United States Congress, Senate, Mayoral Offices and several companies and organizations from around the world.

Ready to take that leap?  Great!  Sign up today!


Limited time:

 Only $2,500 for consulting with Valeri  to burst through your barriers and live the life you want (10 Sessions )


Lynell Payne


Lynell is a successful business owner, speaker and trainer.  

For More Information Call: 415-742-5239

POWERFUL WOMEN INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS (PWIC) envisions women as catalysts for positive change in the world, who are women taking on greater leadership roles, and causing a peaceful, harmonious world for our children's future.  Our mission is to connect, collaborate with, and educate women leaders to use their innate gifts and talents to transform and make a bigger impact in undeserved communities causing positive changes throughout the world. Our highest values are authenticity, life balance, compassion, and courage.

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