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PWI "Aspiring Leader Empowerment Action Program" Tele-Course

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2013
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Teleclass - 6 PM Pacific | 8 PM Central | 9 PM Eastern


  • This Tele-Course is designed for the Aspiring Leader to assist you to design a project that inspires you and develop yourself as a leader in your community of choice.
  • You are welcome to attend this 12 week basic course to hone your skills and to review what the Aspiring Leaders are learning so that you can better assist in Mentoring your Aspiring Leader mentee.

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PWI Aspiring Leader Empowerment Action Program 

Session 1

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

6pm Pacific / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern 

"Welcome to 
with Weihaur Lau & 
Glena Stephenson

You have preconceived ideas about yourself and the world based upon your experiences and your decisions about your experiences and what how they impacted you. 

You will understand that your mission/passion in life is not about you as an individual; it is about how you can be a leader, positively impact and contribute to a community that calls to you. Tonight is the first of 12 sessions where we will be delving deeper into the world of your innate gifts and talents and how they relate to your passion apply to your purpose and the actions you create for your life path. 

What you will Learn by attending this Tele-class Series
  • Identify/develop your Innate gifts and talents
  • Understand how your Passion is influenced by these gifts & talents
  • Life Purpose: Define or develop a "project" that is fulfilling
  • How to create critical actions that help you fulfill your Purpose
  • Form a community of like minded people who will train, coach, empower and encourage you on your journey
Weihaur Lau
About Weihaur

Weihaur Lau, PWI International Program Director, is a professional Life-Leadership-Health coach with a combined experience of coaching & empowerment work for 15 years.  He has transformed many lives from suicidal, depression, poverty, at-risks for HIV/AIDS & drugs to meaningful lives during his earlier career in nonprofits and government.  He expanded his skills in counseling into Life-Leadership-Health coaching  with his commitments to empower new leaders and inspire accomplished leaders to live a life with fulfillment and balance. He founded his own philosophy of life-health coaching and company, Oneness Health, out of a breakthrough success in helping his mom to recover from a stroke. Weihaur also has coached and transformed hundreds of people's lives through his leadership and personal development work at Landmark for the last 8 years. He continues to design and implement major PWI programs and Oneness Health programs worldwide. 

 Glena StephensonAbout Glena

Glena Stephenson, PWI International Training Director, is a former Psychiatric Technician on an adolescent milieu at the University of Texas Medical Branch Hospital she created innovative programs that inspired, motivated, and built self-esteem for a wide range of teens with psychiatric disorders ranging from schizophrenia, Wilson's disease, to court ordered psychiatric care of teens who committed acts of theft, drug abuse, rape, and murder.   Glena grew up playing in a cabinet maker's shop in Galveston and found she had a second talent; she left the world of psychology for something a little more tangible. As a contractor in her own remodeling business, Glena has 30+ years in planning and project management as well as developing training programs for unskilled labor and successfully supervised over 300 contractors.   She is skilled in Team Management and Leadership training and was Program Manager and Classroom Leader for over 3 years for Landmark Education.  She has been a student and a leader in growth and development and transformational seminars and programs for over 30 years. Glena is a co-designer of the current 12 week ALEAP program being launched in 2013. 


Each Tele-class for Tele-course will be recorded.

POWERFUL WOMEN INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS (PWIC) envisions women as catalysts for positive change in the world, who are women taking on greater leadership roles, and causing a peaceful, harmonious world for our children's future.  Our mission is to connect, collaborate with, and educate women leaders to use their innate gifts and talents to transform and make a bigger impact in undeserved communities causing positive changes throughout the world. Our highest values are authenticity, life balance, compassion, and courage.

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